Use Cut Off Saw for your job

The Skilsaw Dry Cut Metal Saw just shows about 38 measures. Compared to my Ridgid at almost 70 pounds with its cast iron base, the Skilsaw is A LOT EASIER to obtain from the warehouse and set up on my welding table.

The soft start engine and flexible blade guard actuation joined with the hot-knife-through-butter Diablo blade, prepared me including Sade all evening soon-woo-ooooh op-at-Aaah. The SPT62MTC-22 is so sweet that you need to beware not to use the cutoff saw. If you go too quick, it'll fling the cutoff piece of steel far from the saw and move you with a little flaw at the last corner. After a couple of cuts, I learned the correct cutting speed, and I was cutting precise, tidy edges much quicker than I ever might with the abrasive saw.

The fence and clamp on the Skilsaw are beside taller and far more durable than on my Ridgid. The angle change indication is easy to check out and was precise adequate to obtain mating 45ยบ cuts outdoors utilizing my mechanic square to call it in.

Another noticeable difference in among the first Ridgid abrasive saw and the Skilsaw dry-cut is the blade change out. The blade cover on the Ridgid is challenging and does not lock out of the way when you're loosening up the arbor bolt, so you need to jam a large screwdriver into it to wedge it up while you alter out the blade. The Skilsaw's blade guard gets support out of the method during leaf modifications using the front cover plate screw.

The Bottom Line
The Skillsaw SPT62MTC-22 is a huge enhancement to my metal-cutting setup, and I would certainly suggest thinking about the Skilsaw when you're all set to make the modification, either from an abrasive chop saw or an entry-level dry-cut saw that isn't holding up. The capability that you give up in choosing the 12" blade over the 14" blade is more than made up for by its light-weight, compact frame, and budget friendly blades.

MK Morse 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

Whether you are an electrical contractor, heat, and cooling professional, a mechanical employee, or a handyman-- MK Morse CSM14MB Metal Devil saw is the original device you require. It cuts element rapidly and securely- a should have for all specialists.

The Metal Devil MK Morse CSM14MB is perfect for doing pipeline fitting work, among lots of other tasks. It cuts through steel and other difficult metals as quickly as a conventional circular saw blade cut through soft pine. These devils cut cooler, cut much faster and last longer than a lot of saws you are utilized to seeing at developing websites. The 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw cuts outwardly the stimulate sound, odor or heat accumulation.

It is powered by little speed, high-torque 1,300 RPM motor; best for the pipeline, angle iron, Avenue and tubing application. 72-tooth carbide blade cuts the metal rather of grinding it. It consists of defense guard, beveling vice, 6- and 8-mm hex pulls, security safety glasses, ear plugs along with Metal Devil steel cut blade. On-board blade modification wrench for hassle-free storage and lowered threat of loss. Individuals are amazed to discover how crisp newly cut metal edges seek to cut. The unique metallurgy of the carbide ideas implies there is little heat transfer to the inner plate.