Low blood pressure may be dangerous, too
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January 07, 2011
Low blood pressure (hypotension) occurs when the pressure within the artery walls is too low during and after a heartbeat. If it becomes too low, blood flow to the heart, brain and other organs may be compromised.

The most common symptoms of low blood pressure are dizziness and feeling lightheaded, says the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The condition can be caused by certain medications, including anti-anxiety drugs, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular medications, antidepressants and narcotics.

Other potential causes include heart attack, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, anaphylaxis, shock or diabetes.

If you have low pressure and begin to feel dizzy or lightheaded, have black or maroon stools, chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, fever higher than 101 degrees, or severe upper back pain, contact your doctor at once.

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