Asthma Symptoms in Babies
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March 09, 2012
The symptoms of asthma in babies are more or less similar to that of adults. However, as the airway is smaller in babies the intensity of the symptoms are much more severe. Some of the key identifiable asthma symptoms in babies are given below: Breathing Difficulty: As the nasal passage gets constricted, the child struggles hard to maintain the normal breath. It is usually more visible when the baby is crying or doing activities like crawling. The duration of gasping could vary from few seconds to few minutes. In a serious asthma attack, it may lead to shallow rapid breathing. Wheezing: This is a typical whistling sound that can be heard every time the baby breathes in and breathes out. This clearly suggests that the air passage has narrowed down and only a small amount of air can pass through it. Cough: A chronic cough which could be dry or wet. They may cough occasionally throughout the day but it may worsen during the night. It may also get triggered when the baby is laughing or crawling. This cough may be accompanied by other allergy symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and nasal discharge. Tightness in Chest: As there is less amount of air available in the lungs, the baby tries to put extra efforts for breathing in more air. This often results in chest tightness. Allergic Rashes When tiny, red skin rashes appear on various parts of their body like cheeks, forehead and scalp, along with other asthma symptoms then it clearly suggests that he or she was exposed to some kind of allergens which is causing the asthma attack. Spasms: Infantile spasm is quite commonly associated with baby asthma. It can be described as contraction of one or more muscle groups of the body for a short period of time. If it is a severe spasm that lasts for several minutes, then the baby should be rushed to hospital.

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