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October 14, 2011
There are many government tried very hard to keep their city clean and healthy, but the implementation is not always performed. You will discover that people in the city also “help” their city still dirty and unhealthy. Most garbage also increase the air temperature, so when we can reduce the global warming? Let’s take action to keep our city clean, green, and free from unwanted pollution.
In public places, kids who walk around licking their ice-sticks or chocolates have this habit of dropping the stick or chocolate-wrappers, as soon as they are done eating. Parents or guardians seem to make no note of this and ignore it entirely. And in worse cases take to doing it themselves, or telling the kids to drop it right there. In movie theaters, shoving plastic cups and wrappers under the seats are a common practice. If you come down to the canteens, there usually are big trash bins there to drop the waste.
But unfortunately all public places do not offer trash bins you could show kids. So until we have some sort of arrangements coming, we will have to revert to keeping all junk in person, in bags or brown papers till we get out and spot a bin.
Please take to telling your kids to not drop things as and where they feel like. If you start showing them the right practices at a young age, they are likely to follow those rules through life.
Throwing things out of cars has become a common practice here. People don’t think twice before dumping all kinds of food waste, papers and bottles out on the roads.
First reason why this happens is there is no awareness or a sense of righteousness that makes them wonder if there is anything wrong in it. In future I hope kids would have a whole new subject at school on keeping your world clean. But those who already finished schools could only be made aware through strict regulations send through media so everyone knows. We will need the help of the law and the government for this.
Are public messages saying “Please don’t throw out things from car on the streets? Keep your city clean” possible? In boards in big font. There is so much of space used for ads in roads… so this should be possible too – its to serve a good purpose.
Second reason is because people say they don’t have a place to dump it all. Its quite easy to carry a big cover or packet to dump all your trash and keep it aside, or in the trunk until you find a garbage bin to dispose it. Please do that, since that can be done without depending on any higher authority, all by us – its quite easy and possible. By a small effort from our side, we can do a lot for the place we live in.
To keep your cities clean,
•Pick up litter you find around and toss it in the appropriate trash bin
•Organize a 'City Cleanup' some cities offer kits to remove graffiti or highway cleanup bags.
•Plant trees in areas the city will accept. Cities look cleaner with trees, and even if litter is around the air will be purer from pollution anyways.
• Minimize Waste Generation,
•Have garbage/ recycling cans on walking paths, street corners etc
•Recycle cans and bottles, compost kitchen scraps.

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