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Women rights violation reaching alarming proportion
December 02, 2011
Representatives of welfare organisations and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan have expressed concern that women rights violation has reached alarming proportion in the country. Former Judge of Balochistan High Court and leading lawyer Kelash Nath Kohli, director Human Rights, Saeed Ahmad Khan,
Let’s move beyond student torture
November 25, 2011
Forty-five to fifty thousand children leave studies every year in Pakistan for fear of torture. The Society for Empowering and Human Resource “SEHR”, an NGO, organized a 19-day campaign against the torture of students. The campaign continued from 1st November through 19th November to create a democr
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The Punjab government often boasts about Lahore being a developed city and plans to further develop it according to international standards. However, a recent disclosure by a World Health Organisation (WHO) should deal a severe blow to the government’s smugness. According to the report, Lahore is among the 10 most polluted cities in the world. (The findings of the report were based primarily on th
Pakistan’s largest city, the ‘Mini Pakistan,’ the country’s lifeline and ‘the City of Lights’ is now descended into darkness and gloom since previous three decades. The city which was rightly recognized as the home of civilized people is now in search of its true identity. Those who claim to be the real mandate holders of the city and who boast of calling it their home have mutilated the face of t
Political bickering leading to uncertainty in Balochistan has become norm of the day. The elected coalition parties that nominated Dr Malik as their Chief Minister are now parting their ways due to certain reservation by PML (N) members of provincial assembly. They are Of the view that in Dr Malik’s cabinet they have been cornered from the very early days of the establishment of the government and
The central leadership of Pakistan People’s Party has authorized Khanzada Khan, the KPK president of PPP to issue show cause notice and then struck off from the party those provincial leaders and activists who spoke against the tripartite alliance (PPP, ANP, JUI (F)) on provincial level for the forthcoming local bodies election. It has been learnt Khanzada Khan, the provincial president of PPP
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