There is just one major contradiction in the three forces that have aligned themselves for the single goal of destabilising the present government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif: IK, TUQ and the Chaudhriesare all known people of the status quo – and now each one of them claims to be no less than a revolutionary of the ilk of Che Guevara. We just need to explore a bit, and t
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The alarming unraveling of circumstances in and around Iraq – the declaration of the caliphate by the new goliath of jihadists – a
The first (known) drone strike in Pakistani territory, South Waziristan, was carried out in the year 2004. As many as five people,
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- (ISIS) has declared “Khilafat” or the Islamic state on territories under control in Syria and
Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project is becoming a weapon for the global powers to not only reshape the socio-political scenario of
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Splendidly carved and vivid Javed Qamar’s calligraphy style is antique; his alphabets in Arabic are very fine as compare to his co
Pakistan’s cement sector has always been a significance role in the contribution to development of country’s infrastructure though
The 12-kanal parking and the public utility area of Shalamar Bagh — or Shalimar Gardens — will soon be opened for picnickers. The Rs30 million parking-cum-public-utility areas have been designed by Chief Architect Wing of Works and Buildings Department in accordance with the standards set by Unesco for the preservation and restoration of world heritage. There will be three separate stands of mo
In Karachi extortion has become the most profitable business. Although this business has gained roots in all the main areas of the city, SITE area, Schools of Orangi and factories are the most affected regions. Big or small, all businessmen are victims of these extortionists and the situation is worsening remorselessly. Recently, in the Metroville SITE area, the owners of over 250 private educatio
The son of former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Arslan Iftikhar has resigned from his post of as vice president Balochistan Board of Investment. Senior vice-president of the National Party Hasil Bizenjo verified the resignation. When the chairman of Balochistan Board of Investment Chief Minister of the province Abdul Malik appointed Arslan, the issue was raised in assembly.
Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, SardarMahtab Ahmed Khan has said that practical steps should be taken for IDPs wellbeing as they were in pathetic condition and asked the officers from FATA Secretariat to personally visit the IDPs camps to know about their problems and find out their solutions. He said internally displaced people (IDPs) should not be considered as second class citizens of Pakistan as
The war against the Militants in Waziristan is on full swing. The Army chief has expressed his will to wipe out the enemy where ever they may be hiding, mountains, cities or villages. The Prime Minister has also expressed similar views. The consensus to eliminate the terrorists where ever they are is a good start to rid the country from terrorism and crime. The army has decided not to differentiate between the good and bad Taliban and its action is concentrated against all who have refused to lay down their arms an ...
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